Trailers, Trailers, Trailers. Just Those Three.


Rating: Average

The Green Hornet

After weeding through a, I don’t know, green hornet’s… uh, nest? full of videos and featurettes, I finally found the trailer. I have one major question: why isn’t Kato the superhero when he clearly has the goods? Oh, no, it has to be the rich, fat, white guy (yeah Rogen has lost some weight, but his playing the same guy in every movie is creating the optical illusion he is still fat.) The trailer has a little too many homophobic ‘oh we’re not gay’ jokes that makes the movie seem a little gay to me. I predict an average, maybe slightly entertaining movie night if you try really hard to like it, but overall it’s trying a bit too hard itself to be that ‘different’ kind of superhero movie that all of the superhero movies try to be.


Rating: Good

The Way Back

This movie is described in the trailer as being based on a true story but on Trailer Addict as a “fact-based” story. Why do I have the feeling the person who wrote that thinks truth, like, what is that really? Truth is just like, in your mind, right? I suppose that descriptor is more likely used because this didn’t actually happen, but there were soldiers who escaped from a Siberian gulag, people have accents, and people wear ear flap hats sometimes. And people also make cute jokes to warm your heart in an otherwise trying and terrible situation. In all seriousness this movie looks like it has good potential — fine actors (*cough* not Farrell *cough*), epic wide shots of expansive landscapes, and a story based in FACT, y’all. Also, we learn the valuable lesson that when the icy top layer of a river begins to break, continue to run forward! It’s like, a metaphor, man.


Rating: Poor

Cedar Rapids

This movie has the usually funny Ed Helms and John C. Reilly starring, yet it seems to have the problem of good set ups for jokes that don’t play out as well as you think they will (no R2D2-style reaction to the swim suit removal? It might be obvious, but giggle-inducing.) Reilly and LCD Soundsystem songs seem to be a trend these days, which is alright with me. However, I predict the movie will mostly rely on the memories of the actors being funny in the past… so what they are saying now must be funny right? Right? Will Ferrell cameo?


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