Pressing Questions: The Google Search Game

So, being sick this past week gave me a lot of down time to ponder the big questions in life. Of course, I decided to Google them.

Rating: Good

Pregnancy and Mac products both require people to figure out very basic functions. (And often to take a little time to explore the thing you’re holding. Or perhaps just looking down.)


Rating: Average

Nothing worth checking out here. Who isn’t constantly dealing with people wanting to kill them and buy their business via email?


Rating: Great

I don’t know which to click first. I am glad that people are slightly more concerned with what happens to their body when they die over their facebook, yet, what does happen to those hats?! I hope some homeless guy isn’t wearing them. Like, all of them at once. That would be silly.


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One response to “Pressing Questions: The Google Search Game”

  1. Aaron says :


    Delete those other two comments, please!


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