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Nicki Minaj: Did It On ‘Em

Rating: Terrible

[Ed note: when this was originally posted, there was no music video for it – only a screen cap of her ugly album cover, or something…]

I debated linking to this since it may give the video even one or two more views. Is this some elaborate joke like when Joaquin Phoenix pretended to quit acting, start a rap career, and act like an anti-social douche? The beat sounds like it’s from a Casio keyboard played over someone’s phone. She isn’t even rhyming. Throughout the part of the song I got through, she rhymes 90% of the lines with the same word as the previous one. I also don’t understand the whole, ‘don’t fuck with this bitch in the pink fairy wings and stripper heels or she’ll literally shit on your face’ thing. Let’s see if I need a dick to piss on it.

For bonus negative points, look at the comments below the video. It doesn’t matter when, they will be the worst “words” you will ever “read.”

Weezer: Memories

Rating: Bad

Somehow this song makes me sadder than the Nicki one.

Commenter: “31people dont have memory.. lol”

Yeah, I’m going to venture a guess that you were going uh-ohs in your dipes when Weezer’s last great album came out. I have memories of when Weezer were actually talented musicians instead of professional Phoning It In Technicians.

Arcade Fire: The Suburbs

Rating: Good

Thanks guys, I needed that.

This isn’t getting a higher rating, despite the great song, because I can’t watch the live stream of Egypt celebrations and still feel for the “white people problems” of the video.


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