Stream of Images: The Google Image Game

Think of three words.


Find an interesting image.

Think of two new words to go with one of the previous words

Find an interesting image…


Rating: Good

Searched: Monster Girl Umbrella

I think you should consider waiting at the next stop up the street. Oh, you have a gun. All good.

This image is a parody or homage (I can’t tell which because image research isn’t one of my strengths) to the Japanese theatrical release poster for “My Neighbour Totoro” a Miyazaki anime film from ’88. This is the original:

The film asks of the viewer the ultimate existential question: “what would you do if an owl-thing waited for the bus with you?” Or else it’s the story of “two young daughters of a professor and their interactions with friendly wood spirits in postwar rural Japan.”

(Random original photo source.)


Rating: Good

Searched: Cake Monster Pink

This cake is so meta, Greg. Eat the Cookie Monster eating cookies. Braaaaaaahm!

Unfortunately the cake designer didn’t think to decorate the cookies with pictures of cookies eating Cookie Monster.

(Random original photo source.)


Rating: Good

Searched: Pink Super Cheese

Congrats. You’ll never be able to wear delicate pink dresses again.

I said it.

(Random original photo source.)


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2 responses to “Stream of Images: The Google Image Game”

  1. justine says :

    that preggo cake is sick…. ugh

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