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IMDB All Stars

Here’s another game that we’re hoping becomes a mainstay of Borderline Good. Why? Because gimmicks make for easier writing, d-bags!

Sometimes when you look up a celebrity on the new IMDB you get a short bio. Sometimes you get a lesser known fact…


Dale Dickey Profile

Rating: Poor

She did an incredible job as a fierce and white trashy adversary in the Oscar-nominated Winter’s Bone. But, more importantly, this snake thing. Can you imagine?! Also, let’s just address the elephant in the room: this chick’s name is Dale Dickey? Is she a superhero’s sidekick who goes undercover as a young newsy from the 20s?

*Boop boop ba-doop boop boop ba-doop boop*

“NEWSFLASH! Actress born Diana decides to go by her middle name Dale because she’s pretty mannish!”


Dave Matthews Profile

Rating: Great

This brings me so much joy. It has it all: the visual! Matthews hurting himself doing something stupid! And even, Dave Matthews is a horrible musician who should keep his bland, sensitive easy rock to himself and the Lilith-Fair-Listenin’-To-Horse he rode in on. No, I will not make out with you, jock from the 90s who has “Crash” in his parents’ car’s cd player!


Stipe Erceg Profile

Rating: Average

Huh. Three languages. That’s pretty cool. He also is what the finished FTM operation of Dale Dickey looks like completed.