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Rad Tatts 2: Electric What The Hell Were You Thinking?

More Tattoos, You Guys!

Rating: Bad

Or God, The Grim Reaper, and Everyone Else Who Sees This.
I thought at first this was a mispelling of juice, which was creepy for reasons I don’t want to go into.


Rating: Average

Dark Angel is my Suicide Girls name. Now, excuse me while I do a line off the back of this toilet.


Rating: Hipster

Check out this super unique tattoo, guys. Remember how we all like referencing stuff, like moustaches? Oh shit, you have one too? I’m gonna have to tattoo the date underneath mine so people will know I got it first. And when I’m all old, and don’t remember why I got a permanent tattoo of something a specific group of image-obsessed floaters thought was funny for a week, it’ll be a totally obscure reference! Hey, pass me a Pabst, bro!

Man, doesn’t anyone ever think about what these will look like when they’re 50+?


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