It’s Been a Long Time Pressing

Time for another game of Pressing Questions: The Google Search Game!

Rating: Great

Let’s forget the fact that most questions I look up are related to babies and pregnancy in some way (way to go, abstinence education!) and instead focus on the middle question. It is an excellent question but far too vague. Here are some answers to the likely questions:

When is [it] ‘too used’?

  • When the bristles are flat and the blue has worn off, and it is starting to grow another you.
  • When it has seen two generations of deflowering in its backseat.
  • When you’ve dated him to really get closer to his older brother, his younger brother, and his uncle.
  • When a Japanese businessman can buy them from a vending machine.
  • When the reservoir tip is full.

Rating: Good

This is probably one of those cases where being younger or more hip and knowing who the hell T Mills is would make this less funny.

P.S. How does T Mills know if he doesn’t try?

P.P.S. Okay, I looked up T Mills and I take it back. I don’t think T Mills is interested in any ladies:


Rating: Good

Yeah, Ben. I’m looking up how to scold you for that thing you did. You know what it is. Ben.

And yes, that balloon was a bad idea. She just thought it was funny to put it under her shirt and pretend she was pregnant. But, now, I think she’s getting ideas…


I’m pretty sure T Mills paid that black guy to come to his party.


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