You Crazy!

We’ve all got our quirks, burdens, and disorders. Some of them are unavoidable or genetic, while others are freely chosen. Crazy is relative.

20 Strange and Mysterious Medical Syndromes

 Rating: Good

Over at Life Support there’s an article summarizing twenty intriguing ailments you may not have heard of.

Does anyone else think that synesthesia would make you a bitchin’ artist?

“My boyfriend has werewolf syndrome and he lets me call him Taylor when we make out! MLIT!!!”




Paula Deen

Rating: Average

I wanted to find an example of a famous person with a strange phobia or condition to highlight like Howie Mandel, Howard Hughes, or Mel Gibson. But, we’ve all heard about them, and being a racist alcoholic isn’t a disease, so I needed to search more. I came across an article with this photo of Paula Deen and my first instinct was, holy crap, she’s got something that makes her face look like a ventriloquist’s puppet and maybe it’s caused by butter?! But, no, she apparently suffers from panic attacks and agoraphobia. Luckily, she’s sought help, which is great because I imagine the fear of getting stuck in places is a constant threat to this poor woman.


Westboro Baptist Church

 Rating: The Worst

Homophobic people are most likely scared and confused by their own sexuality and homoerotic thoughts, feelings, or dreams because what they naturally feel goes against what they’re told they should feel. They become ashamed and scared of themselves and others. So, they tell themselves, and anyone else who might be suspicious of them, that they hate fags! And so does God! Yes… yes… that should do it. The perfect cover.

Crazy people who are Christian tend to make crazy interpretations of their religion that ironically ignore the main cornerstones and entire point of said religion (loving your neighbours, non-judgement, not being total dickholes all the time.)

These two factors, in addition to several helpings of raw, selfish hatred, lead to groups like The Westboro Baptist Church. You’ve all heard of them by now. And Fred Phelps is dishing out this fully baked insanity in the form of protests to the mourning families of killed military personnel at their funerals. Why? Because God hates fags. Were the soldiers even gay? Nope. But anything bad, like going to war, that happens in America (which they also hate, even though they live there and benefit from rights to free speech and protesting) is due to gay people (who God made. Wait, a minute…) They’ve also protested a vacuum store for selling Swedish-made vacuums (because Sweden prosecuted a homophobic pastor, duh), victims of natural and other disasters (because God makes shitty weather due to his homophobia, duh), the Jewish community (even though God’s son was Jewish, duh…?), amongst many others. Thankfully, there are lots of awesome counter protestors to block off WBC’s public masturbation. Oh, but your anger, pity, faith, love, endless quotes from the Bible that say the exact opposite of what they preach, only proves their point, they say. Man, their reasoning is as airtight as a fresh virgin b-hole. Apparently, God hates logic.

They are hands down, up, and all around, the craziest motherfuckers ever. While they may not be representative of real Christians, they are representative of the hatred and prejudice that can be born from religion. Anyone want to place a bet on how much incest and molestation goes on in that family? Seriously, though, someone get those kids out of there.

The documentary “The Most Hated Family in America” is a closer look behind the public protests.

Quick, bring me back to a lighter crazy again!



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  1. Cathy Pawson says :

    I want you to change that picture in your byline, of the dog with dentures to another one of your funny animal pics, like the cat leaning on the fence. : )
    The denture-dog scares me!

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    Sorry: the last comment was not specifically about You Crazy!

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    No, not underline either.

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