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TV Trailers: Shows I’ve Never Watched.

These are all shows I have never watched. So the rating is based on common sense.

Perfect Couples
(*Update: this video has been removed by the user perhaps because it gave too many people cancer. We have replaced the link with a picture that we feel gives the gist of the show.)

Rating: Terrible

Jesus, this trailer is long. Apologies all around. Can I buy you a drink to make up for it? You’re going to need one.

They’re so real*! They really love each other**! All of the men seem fairly reasonable while the women are the human equivalents of marbled, corn-speckled floaters***.

The saddest part is, there are couples who are kind of like these people. They are the empty vessels whose ideas of about love and relationships are formed from watching movies and TV shows like this. You could say, it’s life imitating *FART*!

*If you’re a yuppie and your biggest concern in life is that your new Kitchenaid mixer doesn’t match your cat.
**Cosmo told me we’re gonna be soulmates 4evar!
*** I wanted to pick something hollow or shallow, but what are you gonna do?


Two and a Half Men


Rating: Terrible.

What if two grown men had to raise a horrible child actor? = What if I could only fart through my mouth?



Rating: Good

This is intriguing. I’d have to see more to give it higher. I also may be biased because I recognize H. John Benjamin’s voice from Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Freakshow and he apparently chooses awesome projects. Plus, shows like these usually have unfair trailers because they have clever or dirty humour that might offend the delicate sensibilities of the average person and can’t be featured. And since the average person watches Two and a Half Men and Perfect Couples… ding ding ding!